4 day goals

By Mackenzie

From Mn

In one of the phone conferences Dilia mentioned that it's really important to set 4 day goals. Because my 'demons' are so big.... I'm only focusing on one major one at a time. For the next 4 days..... I will not eat on the move or our of the fridge. I will wait until dinner is ready and SIT DOWN to enjoy my meal. I'll re-post on Saturday and let everyone know how I did. If anyone cares to share their goals here I'm happy to be someone else's cheerleader!

Amanda from Aberdeen, United Kingdom commented

My 4 day goal is to identify the difference between real and brain hunger and engage in mindfulness. I am meditating twice a day.

Kathy from United States commented

I just changed my 4 day goal to the of simply being MINDFUL... each and every moment. So much is happening in my life in a very short period. Mindfulness is KEY.

Jackie from Ottawa commented

When I first paid attention, after reading the book, I noticed how agitated I felt as I ate. I certainly wasn't eating mindfully. In fact, I avoided paying attention by always having a book playing, the television on, etc. I started yesterday at supper paying attention to what I was eating, putting down my utensils between bites, paying attention to the taste. I left food on my plate. My stomach still wanted food, but not what was in my plate. I had a piece of fruit for dessert and left the table. I said to myself - yes, you still want more, but you aren't getting any - get over it. Without actually realizing it, a few minutes later the hunger was gone. I did not crave any other food the rest of the evening. I woke up without feeling starved. I'm now onto Day 2 of the 4 day goal to eat mindfully.

Jackie from Ottawa commented

I have gone from always having something else going on while eating to absolute quiet. My husband eats his meals with me. He is naturally skinny but is supporting me on my journey 100%. I went 4 days mindfully eating, slowing down, finally tasting the food. I never want to go back, but I must be vigilant.

Kate from CT commented

My 4 day goal is not to eat anything while standing in the kitchen. Sounds easy but it's difficult for me!

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