Having ice cream once you have ascertained you are full from your main meal!

By Rachel

From NJ

Hi, love the program and am very new to it. My question is, once I have recognized the signs of being full at dinner (for example), can I then have ice cream? How does that work? I feel like I will never get to the ice cream part again because I have to eat the actual dinner first until I'm full.. thanks!

Dilia from Traveling around the planet commented

Rachel, it's not only important to have the ice cream that you are craving, it's essential to the rewiring process. Yes, when we are full our physical bodies do not need additional nourishment. We need to cognitively acknowledge that fact. However, we want a treat and 1 single serving of a treat, eaten in a mindful manner, it's part of the rewiring.

The critical distinction is that it is planned, it is eaten mindfully, it is enjoyed and we feel fully satisfied after eating it! The alternative of deny this natural human desire and attempting to just say NO! NO! NO! only leads to an overeating episode later on. So effectively by believing that we can suppress this normal desire we are setting yourself up for overeating.

LAURA from United Kingdom commented

This is very helpful to know, thanks

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