What do I do with my assessment results?

By Ashley

From TX

Okay, I took all of the different assessments... but I don't know what to do with the results! I got 0/3 for perfectionism. Does that mean I'm a perfectionist or far from it? I feel like the app, website and book all have a lot of really great info, but I don't feel like it's set up in a way that I can easily go between all 3. Anyone have any tips? I'm about to watch the YouTube video, maybe that will help me.

Dilia from Somewhere traveling around the planet commented

I typically use the assessments to comprehensively understand the person who is participant in one of our TWB programs. While everyone is different, and a dialogue is always helpful, here are my insights into these assessments:

The Yale Food Addiction Score (YFAS) ranges from 0 to 8, an 8 revealing SEVERE food addiction. It has been my experience is that on average it takes 3 weeks per every YFAS point, which means that at the highest level of addiction the person should plan a 24 weeks of a focused rewiring investment. Obviously persistence, determination, and commitment do influence the actual duration, but it's best to plan for a longer duration than to set unrealistic expectations.

The Daily Experiences assessment provides a meaningful measure of the intensity that the person feels when they experience brain hunger. During the group's coaching sessions we dialogue about the techniques that rewire these compulsive reactions, which we then tune to meet an individual's triggers.

The Life Skills assessment is measuring the person's strengths and vulnerabilities in the nine critical life skills. Any deficiency in any of these skills provides insight of that individual's personal triggers. With that information we can then tailor a process to respond in a nurturing manner to what otherwise would be recurrent overeating episodes.

Because the rewiring process is typically an endeavor ranging several weeks, the Life Orientation assessment provides critical insight as the likelihood a person will complete the rewiring process. It measures the person's level of resilience, which is a necessary to effectively process triggers and overeating episodes during the rewiring process.

For the sake of thoroughly we also include the Insulin Resistance assessment in case a person is pre-diabetic as this is critical information needs to inform into any effective rewiring process.

Let me know if this highly summarized response is helpful.


Dilia Suriel
Author, The Thin Woman's Brain

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