What do the perfectionism score indicate?

By Ashley

From TX

I got 0/3 for perfectionism. Does that mean I'm a perfectionist or far from it?

Dilia from Somewhere traveling around the planet commented

A 3 on the Perfectionism score indicates that there is a strong likelihood of perfectionist tendencies. We have found that it is critical to identify Perfectionist tendencies as perfectionists have a difficult time experiencing progress, they feel that any day when they don't execute the rewiring steps perfectly, it doesn't count. Like all of their life, the perfectionist rates the rewiring execution for each day as either black or white, it was executed perfectly or it doesn't count. Most perfectionists give up any endeavor after they have three days of non-perfect execution. So this inability to experience progress is critical to identify early.

So, Ashley, 0 on the Perfectionism score is a good indicator that you'll be able to experience and celebrate the small daily progress that is necessary to achieve comprehensive rewiring.


Dilia Suriel

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