What is the relationship between the assessments, the app and the program?

By Ashley

From TX

I feel like the app, website and book all have a lot of really great info, but I don't feel like it's set up in a way that I can easily go between all 3.

Dilia from Somewhere traveling around the planet commented

The book compiled a comprehensive, scientific understanding of the compulsive reactions to food, and more importantly, why the Cognitive Behavioral protocols have been found effective in rewiring these neurological reactions.

I personally designed the TWB program, and I actually took most of the concepts in the book and transformed them into a step by step set of daily actions and responses to achieve, not just conditional, but comprehensive rewiring. The program starts with our 5 assessments, which are the metrics that we use to gauge the person's starting point, their strengths, challenges, level of compulsion, power of their brain hunger and likelihood of success.

The TWB app is your rewiring coach on a device, it contains all of the steps, the interrupt tools and the repository of your experiences as you journey through your own personal rewiring process.

The TWB program also includes my personal coaching as we need to process the setbacks, triggers and anything that contributes to recurrent overeating episodes. Interaction with other human beings actually generates oxytocin, which is critical to rewiring. That is why people who participate in support groups, or work with a coach or support professionals, are 88% more likely to rewire than those who work by themselves.

Overall, I feel that my TWB is the most comprehensive, cost-effective program in the market. As it is based on scientific evidence, it has metrics to identify issues, it measure progress, it has an app to use daily and it provides multiple opportunities for coaching and support.

If you have any additional questions, you can always email me at dilia@thinwomanbrain.com.


Dilia Suriel
Author, The Thin Woman's Brain

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