The Thin Woman's Brain - Audio, Kindle and Paperback

Over 95% of everyone who loses weight via common trendy diets and methods returns to their pre-diet weight within the first year! In fact, the more restrictive the diet, the higher the likelihood that the person will gain more weight than before they started.

Despite fueling a $63 billion diet industry, the United States is the fattest country on the planet! Every year there are thousands upon thousands of books on dieting which paradoxically starts a chronic dieting cycle. The Thin Woman's Brain explains this cycle of why we continue to successfully lose weight but then struggle to keep the weight off.  More importantly, the book defines the Thin Cognitive Behavior protocol designed to assist the reader in charting a personal road map for restoring their pre-diet, healthy brain.

Citing the significant body of science explaining why any eating strategy predicated on unrealistic restrictions will commonly give you weight loss goals ONLY in the short-term, Dilia Suriel's book is the first step on the road to your Thin Woman's Brain.