TWB Rewiring: Private sessions with Dilia, the app and weekly coaching

  • What would it mean to you personally to regain your freedom? Do you yearn for your vitality? Are you ready to show up as the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life?
  • My name is Dilia Suriel, I'm the author of "The Thin Woman's Brain." I've worked with over a thousand women, many of whom come to me after wasting thousands upon thousands of their money in monthly plans, therapists, retreats, even surgical procedures. But here is the critical difference: they do lose weight but only to GAIN it back in a fraction of the time that it took to lose it.
  • My program's primary focus is rewiring your brain to support you in achieving and maintaining healthy weight ... for the rest of your life.
  • My program is not a long-term financial contract, you can work with me for just one 21-day cycle, or until you achieve your personal weight goals. My program is focused on providing you the information and tools you need to be self-sufficient.
  • If you are finally exhausted with the nightmare of losing weight by Herculean efforts only to gain it all back, and you long to rewire your brain and acquire the lifelong tools necessary to maintain a healthy relationship with food, then please join me.
  • I'm truly committed to working with individuals who are ready to reclaim their lives back. My role is not only to empower you with knowledge, but more importantly to provide meaningful support and coaching to ensure your success.


  • Each 21 day cycle begins with a 30 minutes personal one-on-one coaching session with Dilia Suriel. During each telephone conversation Dilia will analyze your progress, triggers and set the goals for you next 21 day of working together.
  • Usage of the Thin Woman's Brain app
  • Weekly group coaching sessions with Dilia
  • Targeted emails to you where Dilia provide you with personalized resources
  • Convenient automatic, payment from your credit card or PayPal account, which you can cancel anytime.

    If you have any question, email Dilia at and she'll personally answer your question.