21 Day One-on-One Coaching from the author

It is estimated that people who receive one-on-one coaching are 88% more likely to achieve their objectives than when working alone.  It is also widely known that 21 days of consistent behavior change is what leads to lifelong change, e.g., eradicating compulsive overeating and food obsession.

During the 21 days working with Dilia she will conduct a wide range of one-on-one activities to ensure your success.


  1. Personally review the results of your assessments.
  2. Design a custom program addressing your unique needs.
  3. Consistent email communication as needed.
  4. One hour of one-on-one time every 5 days where she will continue to adjust your program. This level of communication and support ensures transformational, measurable rewiring for you.

If you have any questions about this 21-day coaching option, you can email Dilia at dilia@thinwomanbrain.com