Upgrade to 21 Day One-on-One of personalized support from Dilia Suriel

It is estimated that people who receive one-on-one coaching are 88% more likely to achieve their objectives than when working alone.  It is also widely known that 21 days of committed behavior is what leads to lifelong change, typically required to experience success in eradicating compulsive overeating and food obsession.

During 21 transformational days Dilia will conduct a wide range of one-on-one activities to ensure your success.


  1. Review the results of your personal profile.
  2. Design a custom program addressing your unique needs.
  3. Every morning you will record or write your commitment to follow the TWB program and email this to Dilia.
  4. Every evening you will record or write down that day's experience, your challenges, successes and growth. You will also email those to Dilia.
  5. Dilia will responsively tweak whatever changes are necessary to ensure that your 21 days are in fact transformational, measurable and worthwhile.


All levels of The Thin Woman's Brain protocol involve communication with Dilia throughout, but with this specific purchase option you are making a commitment to a personal life-coach who will take every step of the way alongside you.  Dila Suriel will respond to every daily shift and consistently craft your own completely unique program elements so that you are benefiting to the utmost from her guidance.  An unprecedented level of involvement from the first to the last day!