Discover what generates dopamine for you!

From the list below, select 10 words that make you say YES! the moment you read them.   Set aside your analytical mind and choose the words that generate the most tangible shift in your energy level.  Trust your instinct, don't question your genuine reactions.



Accomplishment Handsome Quality
Achievement Happiness Quiet
Action Happy  
Active Harmonious R
Admire Healing Reassuring
Adventure Healthy Refreshing
Amazing Honorable Rejoice
Aptitude Hug Reliable
Attractive   Remarkable
Awesome I Resounding
  Imaginative Respected
B Imagine Restored
Beautiful Impressive Rewarding
Beauty Independent  
Believe Innovative S
Bliss Instinctive Safe
Bountiful Intelligent Satisfactory
Brava Inventive Simple
Brave   Skilled
Brilliant J Smile
  Jovial Soulful
C Joy Sparkling
Calm Jubilant Special
Certain   Spirited
Champion K Spiritual
Charming Keen Stirring
Cheery Kind Stunning
Choice Kindness Stupendous
Classic Knowledgeable Success
Clean   Successful
Compassion L Sunny
Connection Laugh Superb
Cool Learned Supporting
Courageous Legendary Surprising
Creative Light  
  Lively T
D Lovely Tenacity
Dazzling Luminous Terrific
Delightful   Thrilling
Divine M Thriving
  Marvelous Tranquil
E Masterful Transformative
Ecstatic Meaningful Trusting
Effervescent Miraculous  
Effortless Motivating U
Electrifying Moving Upbeat
Enchanting N V
Encouraging Natural Valued
Energetic Now Vibrant
Engaging Nurturing Victorious
Enthusiastic Nutritious Vigorous
Exciting   Virtuous
Expression O Vital
Exquisite One-Hundred Percent Vitality
  Optimistic Vivacious
Fabulous P W
Fantastic Passion Wealthy
Friendly Peaceful Whole
Fulfillment Perspective Wonderful
Fun Phenomenal Wondrous
Funny Pleasurable Worthy
  Poised Wow
G Popular  
Generous Positive Y
Genius Possibilities Yes
Genuine Powerful Yummy
Glamorous Prepared  
Glowing Pretty Z
Gorgeous Principled Zeal
Graceful Productive Zest
Grateful Progress  
Green Protected  
Growing Proud  



Next Steps:


1. Take your 10 selected words and focus on just one at a time.

2. Using Google images, free stock photography, magazines, or any resources that you find helpful, select 3 images for each of your 10 words.

3. Your selections should move you at a visceral level.  Each image should capture the essence of one of your words.  Don’t judge yourself, don’t question, just let the spirit move you.  It’s not an intellectual exercise; it’s a soul-searching exercise.

4. Create a collage with these 30 images.

5. Journal about the energies, insights, and desires that this collage generates within you when you sit and look at it.

6. If you need help uncovering your personal dopamine sources, or you just want to further explore the imagery in your collage, please book a session with Dilia or one of our coaches.