Why only WOMEN?

  • For-Women-Only

    I have been asked many times why my book only addresses the naturally thin woman's brain, and not men and women both. While I recognize that men can, and have, read my book and found it useful, my research has proven that generally speaking a woman's brain deals with weight, eating behaviors, and food addiction differently than men.

    This book has evolved from my own personal experience of repeating the weight loss-gain cycle. I understand that women have weight related issues that most men never experience, such as self-worth and self-definition, as well as a culturally dictated "ideal" body image. While these issues do exist for some men, they can be absolutely debilitating for many women. For that reason, I chose to approach my research and development solely from a woman's perspective in order to achieve the most effective program possible.

    Having said that, I am very aware that there is interest in a man's version of my Thin Cognitive Behavioral protocol. In the future, I will consider teaming up with male writers to produce a version for men. In the meantime, I certainly invite men to read my book and tweak the program to suit their own needs.