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    You have literally tried EVERYTHING and nothing has been helpful. Now you are feeling so desperate that you are ready to go through surgery! Yes, a smaller stomach will force you to eat less BUT what if the root issue is not lack of willpower but altered brain chemistry? Did you know that your brain is generating dopamine when you fantasize about food? Did you know that it is not how a normal brain works? Did you know that “famine brain” – the evolutionary instinct to survive starvation - has been permanently turned on in your brain and that is why you are constantly hungry? Do you even remember that there was once a time when you didn’t eat compulsively?

    All are very interesting questions but here is the most important one:

    Did you know that there is a viable alternative to restore healthy brain chemistry which would allow you to lose all of the weight, and more importantly, permanently restore a healthy relationship with food?

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    The solution will last for the rest of your life! I know that you are feeling desperate at this point, but don’t you owe it to yourself to make an informed decision before irreversibly changing your basic biology?

    Aloha from beautiful Hawai’i! My name is Dilia Suriel and I’m the author of Amazon’s best seller “The Thin Woman’s Brain.” I lived your desperation; I too considered weight loss surgery because my weight became a physical liability where the quality of my life was utterly compromised. My shame was so profound that it became an emotional anvil. I avoided social gatherings, and the humiliation that permeated my being was so hurtful that I could no longer tolerate the “how could you do this to yourself?” looks that scorched my self-worth.

    What if I could demonstrate to you that in 21 days you can stop eating compulsively? What if I could prove to you that you can eradicate the overwhelming power that food has in your life without the physical and emotional trauma that options such as Gastric Bypass or Lap Band cause? I know you have tried everything else. I know that your hopes have been shattered multiple times and that you can’t emotionally be let down again. If weight loss surgery is the only viable solution for you, then by all means, it should be pursued, but as you probably know most centers of excellence and insurance companies are now insisting on psychological tools for candidates for weight loss surgery.

    I am not able to help everyone. However, if we jointly determine that my protocol, The Thin Woman’s Brain rewiring process, can help you, then I invite you to work with me on a day-to-day basis for 21 consecutive days. If within those three weeks you don’t experience the life changing shift where food is not the overwhelming force that it is in your life today, I will refund you your money. I promise that you can change the role that food plays in your life through adapting your brain chemistry as opposed to will power. Throughout these three committed weeks of one-on-one interaction, we will work together to help you experience a transformational change in terms of your relationship with food. I guarantee this because that is how committed and how sure I am that I can make a significant difference in your life!


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    Together we will leverage the latest science in the areas of neuroplasticity, addiction reversing life skills and cognitive behavioral therapy using the protocol that I’ve developed called “Thin Cognitive Behavior.” We will leverage the tools that have helped thousands upon thousands of women achieve the personal change necessary to stop living with out-of-control eating behaviors and food addiction. Using bonafide metrics developed by Yale University and other scientific institutions, we can identify the key overeating triggers, devise a personal plan and measure progress. If we jointly determine that we can work effectively, I will work with you and develop a custom program addressing your personal needs and the commitments that we have identified together as significant and achievable in your life.


  • First Step: Read “The Thin Woman’s Brain.” Make sure that the science and protocol speaks to you. You can find the book using the following Amazon link:

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    Second Step: Take the free online assessments. Let’s get the facts and see your personal numbers.

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    Third Step: Let’s spend one hour together to examine the results of these assessments and determine if the Thin Woman’s Brain protocol can be the transformational program for you. If at the end of that one hour we mutually agree that Thin Woman’s Brain is not for you, then at least you know!

    If you are ready to change your life and you know in your being that surgery is not the only option for you, I’m here to help you! It’s not always about modifying your biology; it’s about restoring your healthy brain.

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